Hable wins the Philips Innovation Awards 2019!

Monday, the 6th of May was the national final of the Philips Innovation Awards 2019 in Rotterdam - the Netherlands. Hable as one of the 8 start-ups still in the competition pitched its company and story to a jury with among others the Philips CEO, Frans van Houten. 

Hable Accessibility is announced as winner of the Rough Diamond Awards, and wins €10.000 in start-up prices and is called "the most promising start-up that is founded in the last 7 months." The price is used to further build the company and to make more tests with blind users in further developing the product. 

Start-up BI/OND is announced as overall winner of the Innovator Award. BI/OND makes organs on a chip to test medicines. 

The Awards

The Philips Innovation Award is a student entrepreneur award meant for students who want to further develop their start-ups and for students with an innovative idea wishing to turn it into a real start-up. We do not believe in a ‘the winner takes it all’ mentality, but make sure every contestant benefits from feedback by experts, workshops, trainings.