Why should we still use Braille in the digital age? - Braille Symposium 2019

Why should we still use Braille in the digital age?

Friday, the 29th of November, Hable attended the Dutch & Flemisch Braille Symposium, held every 5 years and this year in Breda (NL). The subject of the day was “Braille in the digital age.” Around 300 braille technologists, speakers, influencers and users attended to speak about the importance of Braille, for these days and the days to come.

Subjects that came to matter were:

  • Braille through generations
  • What do we need to know about standardizing 8-point braille
  • How do we defend the right for braille
  • Can braille compete with speech-technology
  • Advantages of digital braille
  • Right of existence of braille on paper

 Picture Braille symposium breda 2019

Conclusions throughout the day where that Braille on paper is losing popularity but will still has a right to exist, especially with new forms and combinations with digital forms.

Digital braille will become more and more relevant with better tools and more people using these. Braille is a more casual form of reading when it is mastered sufficiently, but reading is also a better way to extract deeper knowledge.

A great think for the future is that organizations and policy-makers will start to work together on making one best form of braille as a standard in the Netherlands.

Numbers of young blind and visually impaired that use braille are shrinking, the answer is that they need to feel the need, in order to learn. This need may come later when searching for a job or having more time to read.


The overall conclusion of the day is that braille is still relevant, especially with digital braille becoming more and more important and that we as industry have to keep supporting braille as much as we can. Hable Accessibility will do its part in this, today and in the coming future.

“Let’s make a toast to Louis Braille”