About Hable

Many years ago, our founder Ayushman's grandfather was slowly turning blind. Ayushman was looking for ways to help his grandfather to still be able to do modern day communications with him, via a smartphone. He couldn't find the solution so he begin creating it.

In January 2019, after many iterations, changes, and discussions, Hable Accessibility was founded with Freek, Gijs and Jelle, joining Ayushman in empowering the blind into the online World by making Worlds' first braille smartphone keyboard. 

Today Hable's mission is to 'empower blind into the online World'. Hable does this via modern technology solutions using braille. 


Meet the team

Picture of Ayushman co-founder of Hable
Picture of Freek co-founder of Hable
Picture of Gijs co-founder of Hable
Picture of Jelle co-founder of Hable





Hable started from a problem to help my grandad, who was blind, use a smartphone. Having interacted with thousands of blind in the last 2 years has helped Hable realize the importance of its existence. By improving smartphone experience, and boosting braille education both blind and visually impaired are able to find employment opportunities. Hable for me is about making an impact. We meet all sorts of people with amazing stories and I am super proud that we are part of that. I sincerely believe that, by working together, we can make an impact across borders. This makes me really grateful to work on Hable now and in the future.

For me Hable is a chance to have a positive impact on society. I enjoy working on technical challenges, but working on technical challenges that improve people’s life is what I love! Seeing our product being used and loved by people is the greatest sense of fulfillment possible. I look forward to keep pushing Hable to the next level together!

“I want to do the things that make my heart beat the fastest” is roughly translated one of my favorite song lyrics and something I want to live for. Hable is one of those things for me since it combines helping people by doing business and making a social impact on a global scale.