The Braille Keyboard for Smartphones

Hable empowers blind and visually impaired into the online world by Worlds' first braille smartphone keyboard, making sure that blind and visually impaired can communicate fast, safe and in private.

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How it works

  • Connect via bluetooth

    Add the keyboard simply via bluetooth to your phone and stick it to the back of your phone or use it freely. The most portable braille device ever.

  • Type in braille

    Use the braille dots on the device while using your phone to put in text.  Combine them with the two function keys that can be used for space, backspace and enter.

  • Navigate your phone

    Our navigation function makes sure you can use your phone without touching the screen. Scroll through apps and select what you are looking for easily.

  • Communicate privately

    No more bulky voice-to-text or spending minutes finding the right keys. Just private, safe, easy and fast texting.

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#iamhable movement

Hable fights for equal chances for blind an visually impaired. We want to speak out and make blind and visually impaired feel 'able' to achieve their ambitions, goals and dreams by helping them through technology. We are building a movement with #iamhable, join us and share your story with #iamhable!